Menstrual Attunement Program

"The menstrual cycle walks through the circle of Yin & Yang; the cycle of birth, growth, and death; the extreme of feminine and masculine, and balance. This cycle puts women intimately in touch with universal cycles, such as daily solar transitions, monthly lunar cycles, and the seasons. The menstrual cycle also functions as a precise diagnostic tool. Disturbances within the cycle offer immediate, direct information about imbalances in the body." Dr. Lia Andrews in 7 Times a Woman

The Menstrual Attunement Program is a practice in aligning with the tides of your menstrual cycle in order to live hormonally balanced. The program teaches women about their dynamic cycles, shifting energies and best practices during each phase of the menstrual month. We are not static beings. We are not meant to function at 100% all of the time. By attuning with the physiological function of your cycle and your changing needs, you become naturally aligned and experience harmonious balance. You become aware that how you care for your body currently has a direct influence on your experience later in life; fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and later years. Energy is not limitless. You cannot function on burning the candle at both ends for too long. You must allow your body time for rest and restoration.

Allow and gift yourself at least 3 months of dedication to the practice. Seeds need time to thrive and grow. This is not a quick fix program, even though you may notice slight changes along the way. This is a true form of self-care of honoring your body. As women, we know that healing yourself will not only heal past inheritance, but future generations. This is a lifestyle practice that will become second nature because the wisdom already exists within us. 

The 3 month program includes:

  • An Initial Consultation - 1 hour Video conference call covering in depth history and review of current symptoms. A personalized treatment plan including best practices during each phase. Herbal Medicine and supplement protocol. Food therapy if applicable. Recommendations for complementary therapies.
  • 2 Follow up Appointments - Two 30 minutes follow up video appointments scheduled during the 2nd and 3rd month of the program. Modifications to program, herbal formulas and supplements may be applicable. 
  • Email correspondence over the 3 month program; Weekly check-in emails
  • Exclusive invite to the Menstrual Attunement Facebook Group

~Online Prices~
Cost for 3 Month Program: $300
Email me at to be put on the Wait List
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My Wait List is about 3 months booked out but I do have my e-course available that covers best practices for the Period Phase of your menstrual cycle. Moon::Medicine - Radical Self Care Practices for the Perfect Period can be purchased here.

The Way of the Perfect Period:
Essentials of Proper Period Care for
Vitality, Beauty & Longevity


Menstrual Attunement - Kris Gonzalez Acupuncture in Santa Barbara

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